David Mongeau

Executive Director

Real name: 
David Mongeau

David Mongeau is the Executive Director of BIDS, an early influencer and leader among data science institutes across the globe, both in research and training. He is honored to work with the diverse BIDS faculty, researchers, students, and staff – together, developing talent, theory and tools for data-driven discovery that benefits all.

David became Executive Director in April 2018. Before joining the data science community at Berkeley, he co-led the data analytics institute at Ohio State; worked for a few years at Battelle, where he championed the original proposal for the Columbus Collaboratory, a new venture in advanced analytics and cybersecurity formed by seven corporations; and worked for many years at Bell Labs – starting on the team that introduced the first C++ compiler and commercial release of Unix System V, and leaving after building a team that delivers network technology and business consulting in Asia and Europe.

He earned his undergraduate degree at Carnegie Mellon, and later earned a graduate degree at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Purdue University. Many of his interests embrace the humanities and arts, along with STEM. He will organize Cordial Poetry in 2019, an open source poetry event at Berkeley. Please contact him if you’re interested in more details.


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