Henry Pinkard

Graduate Student, Computational Biology
BIDS-ICHS Data Science Fellow, UC Berkeley/UCSF

Real name: 
Henry Pinkard

As a Computational Biology PhD student, I work on inventing techniques to extract and exploit information from images of biological systems taken through optical microscopes. I use techniques from optical engineering, computational imaging, computer vision, and information theory to jointly design hardware, software, and data analysis techniques. The goal of this research is to algorithmically scale the expertise of experienced biologists and clinicians to tackle previously intractable challenges in research, medicine, and global health.

Previously, I studied biology as an undergraduate. I then moved to the Vale Lab at UCSF, where I helped develop Micro-Manager, an open-source software for the control of motorized microscopes. Next, I worked at the UCSF Biological Imaging Development Center, where I created Micro-Magellan, an open-source package for high-throughput microscopy. Currently, I am co-advised by Daniel Fletcher (Bioengineering) and Laura Waller (Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences).