Kimmen Sjölander

Professor, Departments of Bioengineering and Plant and Microbial Biology
Faculty Scientist, Physical Biosciences, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
BIDS Senior Fellow
Co-I for Moore/Sloan Data Science Environment

Real name: 
Kimmen Sjölander

I am primarily interested in phylogenetic tree reconstruction, remote homolog recognition, protein structure prediction, subfamily classification, prediction of critical positions in molecules, multiple sequence alignment, protein-protein interaction, pathway inference, computational prediction of protein domain structure, and other aspects of protein function and structure. The medical applications of genomics and bioinformatics for the detection of genes involved in disease or conferring virulence to microbes and similar problems is a particular area of interest. My experience in industry prior to re-joining academia made me aware of many of the issues confronting scientists working on target and drug discovery, and I have various research interests in these areas as well.